The Office of the Municipal Manager comprises of three (3) Units; Integrated Development Plan and Performance Management System (IDP/PMS), Internal Audit, and Executive And Council.

As the head of administration and the accounting officer of the municipality, the municipal manager is responsible and accountable for : Municipal Transformation and Organization Basic Service Delivery Local Economic Development Municipal Financial Viability and Management; and Good Governance and Public Participation. The Municipal Manager provides leadership and direction through effective strategies, in order to fulfill the objectives of local government which are provided for in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, and any other legislative framework that governs local government. At Ubuhlebezwe Municipality we uphold the values of integrity and honesty, promoting a culture of collegiality throughout the municipality by delegating duties and rewarding excellence. We also strongly adhere to the Employment Equity policies and ensure that our staff complement has a fair representation in gender and race.

Mr GM Sineke

Municipal Manager

Mrs Ndlovu, who was employed as the IDP/ PMS Manager at Ukhahlamba Municipality,  is employed as the IDP/ PMS Manager for the Ubuhlebezwe Municipality. In her respective position, she is responsible to ensure that the Municipality complies with relevant Legislations guiding the performance of the Municipality and to give strategic support in terms of development of the municipal area.  Her favourite quote is: “Our greatest enemy is ignorance” She has a: National Diploma in Municipal Administration NQF Level 8 in IDP Certificate Programme in Municipal Finance (CPMD)

Mrs N. Ndlovu

Manager: IDP/PMS

Mr M Ntshangase

Manager: Internal Audit

Mrs U.P. Mahlasela

Chief Financial Officer

Corporate Services Department’s core function is to provide support to all the Departments within the Ubuhlebezwe Municipality to ensure efficient and effective delivery. It consists of divisions, namely:- Human Resources – is responsible for labour matters, recruitment and Selection and Staff benefits Skills Development and Training – is responsible for conducting Skills Audit on all employees within the Ubuhlebezwe Municipality, advancing the skills of the employees of the Ubuhlebezwe Municipality through Training and facilitating awarding of Tuition Assistance and Scholarship. Wellness Centre – is responsible for the wellness of the employees of the Ubuhlebezwe Municipality through the Employee Assistance Programme. Information and Communication Technology – is responsible for providing IT Support to all the Departments and users within the Ubuhlebezwe Municipality. Administration – is responsible for minute taking for all Council meetings i.e Executive Committee, Council, Portfolio Committees and Sub-Committees. The division is also responsible for Council’s municipal code, ensure efficient registry and switchboard operations.

Mr M.E. Mkhize

Director Corporate Services

MS. S Buthelezi

Infrastructure Planning and Development


Social Development