Corporate Services is the core of general Administration and Human Resources Management, Fleet Management, Registry and ICT for Ubuhlebezwe Municipality. It is a portal of entry and exit from the Municipality and supports the functions of all the other Departments of the Municipality, it provides support services and generally ensures that all administrative functions of the Municipality are properly coordinated.

Corporate Services Department’s core function is to provide support to all the Departments within the Ubuhlebezwe Municipality to ensure efficient and effective delivery. It consists of divisions, namely:- Human Resources – is responsible for labour matters, recruitment and Selection and Staff benefits Skills Development and Training – is responsible for conducting Skills Audit on all employees within the Ubuhlebezwe Municipality, advancing the skills of the employees of the Ubuhlebezwe Municipality through Training and facilitating awarding of Tuition Assistance and Scholarship. Wellness Centre – is responsible for the wellness of the employees of the Ubuhlebezwe Municipality through the Employee Assistance Programme. Information and Communication Technology – is responsible for providing IT Support to all the Departments and users within the Ubuhlebezwe Municipality. Administration – is responsible for minute taking for all Council meetings i.e Executive Committee, Council, Portfolio Committees and Sub-Committees. The division is also responsible for Council’s municipal code, ensure efficient registry and switchboard operations.

Mr M.E. Mkhize

Director Corporate Services

Mrs Lundell is a hands on person who  is not shy to go the extra mile to get things done. She has a passion for local government and the community, and is happily married with one child. Even though she has been working in the institution for just short of 10 (ten) years, within the office of the Municipal Manager  and Corporate Services Department, she is relatively new in this position having been appointed in May 2012. Her favourite quote is: “The block of granite which was an obstacle in the pathway of the weak, became a stepping stone in the   pathway of the strong...” She has a: Diploma in Information Technology. Qualification in PC Engineering with Computer Architecture and Networking. ELMDP

Mrs S.R Lundell

Administration Manager

Mr M.C. Ntaka

Fleet Management Officer

"In doing my work, I get inspiration from Piet Human’s work, Yenza: A Blueprint for Transformation. Human holds a view that master plans do not bring change, implementation does. I believe that if you want to achieve something, you must just start working towards it." This belief bodes well for success of the municipality. He has a: B.A Degree in Humanities and SSTD (University of Zululand) B Tech degree in Management (UNISA) Postgraduate Diploma in Governance and Politics (University of the Free State) and  Master’s degree in Governance and Politics (University of the Free State).

Mr S.L Hlophe

HR Manager

Ms. B Nondabula

HR Officer

Mr U Dukada

ICT Manager

Mr S.L Khumalo

ICT Officer

Mr A Best

Occupational Health Safety

Ms. NP Zuke

HR Officer

Ms M.C. Mbhele

Committees Management Officer